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01 Mar 2013

business telephone systems and hosted VoIP company

IS Technologies’ extensive technology and service experience allows us to develop an understanding of each customer’s unique telecommunications requirements and to respond to those requirements quickly and effectively.

When Tully Corbett founded IS Technologies in 1999, he recognized the critical need for a company that could combine leading edge technology with top quality service and customer support. IS Technologies current position as an industry leader is based on those same principles, and on a determination to keep pace with an ever-changing industry, making the latest application solutions available to customers at all times. Whether you are looking for hosted VoIP, cloud telephone systems or any other technology; our business telephone systems specialists are here for you.

Since 1999, IS Technologies has built a team of professionals in the communication industry dedicated to the highest levels of customer support. IS Technologies pattern of steady growth reflects their commitment to keeping pace with the constantly evolving telecommunications technology arena, and the dramatic expansion of Central Alabama’s and Birmingham’s business market. With our main office located off Highway 280 in Birmingham we are uniquely positioned to respond quickly to a wide range of customer equipment and service requirements.



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