Optimizing Hosted VoIP Quality

Optimizing Hosted VoIP Quality
24 Jun 2014

Bandwidth MattersThere are many components that determine the quality of a Hosted VoIP phone system. A common misconception is that if you have a good quality VoIP phone, your calls will sound perfect and systems will run flawlessly. While having a good quality VoIP phone is an important aspect of a successful hosted phone system, addressing issues such as latency and bandwidth are key factors in increasing your “Quality of Service” (QoS). It is important to be able to recognize these issues and know the steps to take to avoid them.

 Latency, also known as lag or delay, is the time between the moment a voice packet is transmitted and the moment it reaches its destination. In other words, latency is the distance a data package must travel to reach your hosted VoIP service provider. When packets are delayed, an echo can be heard. This is extremely irritating when trying to conduct business. The primary reason that latency occurs is improper bandwidth quality. Bandwidth (provided by your broadband internet connection) is the amount of data that can be transmitted in a certain amount of time. What this means for VOIP is that enough bandwidth must be supplied to allow for the transmission of the actual voice data in real time as well as extra bandwidth for the overhead required for any data transmission (text, fax, email, etc.).

One way to determine how much bandwidth you need is by using an online VoIP Bandwidth Calculator, like this one: http://www.bandcalc.com/ . Knowing the amount of bandwidth needed helps prevent a problem with latency before it arises. Prioritizing data in a queue can also be beneficial in low quality bandwidth situations. This ensures that the most important data is being transmitted and received.

If you are having any issues with your hosted VoIP provider or if you are interested in making the switch, call IS Technologies today and let us optimize your hosted VoIP phone system.



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