Remote Working with VoIP

Remote Working with VoIP
05 Jun 2014

Remote working with VoIP benefits

Professional environments are no longer limited to an office space. Businesses are now allowing their employees to work from home using business phone systems powered by VoIP. By switching from traditional, stationary office phones to a business phone system, you are creating a portable office. Employers are experiencing an increased pressure to provide competitive benefits to their prospective employees. Remote working grants flexibility while doubling as a perk for both parties.

A business phone system powered by VoIP, or Voice over Internet protocol, uses a standard internet connection as a way to place free phone calls. VoIP takes analog audio signals (what you hear when you talk on the phone) and turns them into digital data that can be transmitted over the internet. Employees can answer or forward calls as needed and even access their voicemail with a smartphone. Whether you are on the road, on vacation or at a conference in a different state, VoIP powered business phones insure that company needs are being met regardless of location.

Who is helped by remote working with VoIP?

The benefits of remote working are rewarding for both employers and employees. Employers can save on overhead costs, such as rent, utilities, office supplies, breakroom snacks, etc. by allowing their employees to work from home. Studies show that by allowing employees to work from home, employees are more likely to feel satisfied in their position, thus reducing turnover. This helps you cultivate a long-term staff that develops an increasing degree of knowledge about your business. Greater employee loyalty and reduced attrition also mean less time and money spent advertising for open positions, screening, interviewing and hiring new staffers and bringing them up to speed on job responsibilities. Employees that are parents are able to stay home with their children which saves on childcare expenses. Working from home also allows them to save the gas money that they would use to commute back and forth to work. Many employees may feel more comfortable in their own home which can increase productivity and potentially reduce distractions.

VoIP is revolutionary technology that is completely reworking the way companies and employees conduct business. IS Technologies will take you through the process of making the switch. Call us at 205-314-8800 and let us get starting on building your benefits.



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