Google Apps for Business with IS Technologies

Google Apps for Business with IS Technologies
23 Jul 2014

Google Apps

IS Technologies, through it’s partnership with NeoNova, is now an Authorized Google Apps for Business and MicroSoft 365 Cloud office suites reseller! That is great news for all of you interested in our “Summer For Startups” and even for those of you who are already established in the business world.

Not Sure What Google Apps for Business Is?

Google Apps ties into our unified communications beliefs. With Google Apps, all of your core communications applications (minus the phone… but hey, we do that too!) are in one spot. This means your work is organized and readily available to you from wherever you’re at.


Google Apps offers a business domain for gmail ( and integrated Google Calendar, Google Sites (an easy way to share and edit information with co-workers), Google Hangouts (an instant message program that includes video calls) and Google Drive (Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation and Web Creation Tools).

With Google Apps, there is no software expenses, you save on workstation cost (shout out to startups!), your DR is built in and there is no MS licensing. Call IS Technologies today or request a quote to take advantage of the inclusive packages we offer!



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