Start Up Without Staying In

Start Up Without Staying In
08 Jul 2014

Find Me Follow Me





Starting a business requires a lot of travel. Whether you are making sales, setting up services, or recruiting employees, it is unlikely that you are staying in one spot for long. Why should your phone system be confined to one area. As a startup company, your success relies on the relationships you build with your current and potential customers as well as your employees. One way to ensure that you’re retaining positive business relationships is be readily available to answer calls, even while on the move.

“Find Me” and “Follow Me” are two types of call forwarding features that are often used together. The “Find Me” feature allows you and your employees to receive calls at any location and the “Follow Me” feature allows the user to be reached at any of several phone numbers. You and your employees can be assigned a virtual phone number. When that number is dialed, the system routes the call through a user-defined list of numbers. The numbers can be preferred order or in accordance with the user’s scheduled activities and locations. If all numbers have been dialed with no answer, the caller will be directed to your voicemail.

The “Find Me” and “Follow Me” features give you peace of mind knowing that you can still conduct business without hanging around a stationary phone.






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