Step into the Future with a Hosted Phone System

Step into the Future with a Hosted Phone System
09 Feb 2015

ISTech_blog9-01Long gone are the days of the beeper. The practicality of the device has lessened to the point of its extinction. This was how people communicated before cell phones or other communication devices were created, but today, we graciously have advanced the technology required to contact friends and coworkers. Currently, the technology of phone systems has progressed leaps and bounds from where we were twenty years ago. In fact, business communication is changing at such a rapid clip, many companies are constantly behind the in the race to stay up to date. The good news for these companies is that there are even more setbacks than there were before, but the bad news is that you could be a victim to these setbacks as well.

Staying ahead in this ever changing landscape requires constantly searching out new opportunities and new technological avenues to assess your issues. By staying up to date with your phone system, your stopping your own growth and more than likely causing frustration with your employees. There are few key ways that switching to a Hosted Phone System can help boost your business and keep your company up-to-date:

Sadly, most of us no longer work within the 9-to-5 realm. The state of our economy forces us to work extreme hours, and our gift of technology always assures that we’re just a call, text, email, or instant message away. The internet allows us to remain connected at all times, so it only makes sense for your phone system to be as accessible as well.

Internet hosted phone systems connect wirelessly through the cloud. So, instead of being bound to your desk for the whole workday, you can easily receive the same calls to your office phone on your cell phone. This provides employees with the opportunity to travel, work from home, and visit out-of-town clients. You have the ability to do all of this without missing another important phone call.

If your business has multiple locations, you’re probably aware of the headache that comes along with trying to maintain open lines of communication through all of your branches. It’s hard to encourage cooperation and collaboration when team members are hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other. However, hosted phone systems can eliminate that struggle and keeping you connected.

The problem with keeping your employees happy is that they probably don’t understand everything that’s going into keeping your phone system working. We’re in the middle of the insta-age, where we want everything immediately, It’s also likely that not all of the employees are utilizing all of the features that are equipped with your phone system. This is usually because helpful features are often buried within the programming of the system.

These systems are designed solely for the user, so employees can make greater use of the features that they will utilize the most. Of course, when employees do need assistance, IS Technologies is always ready to help. If you’re wanting something new for your business and you’re ready to take a step forward before technology does, contact IS Technologies to see how we can help your business grow and remain technologically equipped.



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