Unchain your phone

31 Jul 2017

Get out there and make some money!

Unchain your office extension from your desk and watch productivity rise. Our mobile communicator app frees you to do business anywhere at any time you choose.

Why go mobile?

  • Never miss a call or have a call go to voicemail (unless you want it to)
  • Easily extend office hours to catch more sales inquiries
  • Work from absolutely anywhere anytime
  • Nearly 100% bullet proof way to never be without phone service in your business
  • Make call backs with the office number not your personal cell number
  • Transfer calls if needed just like you are at your desk
  • See who is on the phone at any time in your office
  • Monitor/Listen in on calls from your mobile phone via the app
  • Calls made from the app are recorded just like from the desk

Long gone are the days where doing business is just from the office. Successful companies now are empowering their workforce with mobile versions of their ordering systems, customer databases, appointments, and all types of useful data once reserved for the office computer.

They telephone needs to be part of that equation as well and we are here to help you see just how easy that is.

Reach out to us at 205 314 8800 for an evaluation of how IS-Talk can unchain your phone from your office and boost revenue and service levels.



Tully Corbett

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