Truly a great story, thank you.

22 Jan 2018

When our previous local VOIP company opted out of the VOIP portion of their business, we were referred to IS-Talk. We wanted to use another local company and IS-Talk was a perfect choice for our small office. Our representative listened to all of our needs and our expressed desire for a painless transition and to keep our costs at or below our current plan. From the moment we selected IS-Talk to the final installation, everything has been above and beyond expectations. Tully, Rob, Collins, Teresa and Rita have been extremely easy to work with and are readily available to help when needed. They provided online video tutorials to help the transition go smoothly. I was amazed at the ease and how little time it took to make the conversion from our old system to the new. Everything works perfectly, Teresa’s training, assistance and experience is invaluable. She helped me set up some specific features and responds very timely to my emails for help (which have been very few). We could not be happier with our choice of IS-Talk as our new VOIP provider.

Thank you!
Bonita Chandler
Office Manager
FHL Capital Corporation


Tully Corbett

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