Jun 2017

The Best VoIP Feature For Your Business-Part 2

Call Recording Continued…. Calls are stored securely in IS-Talk’s cloud in convenient MP3 or WAV format. Users can email, download or audio-stream the recordings to their PC or mobile device and listen using off-the-shelf media player software that comes standard on all computers. Today, interactions with your customers and prospects are handled almost entirely by phone, through email or over the Internet. The days when most of...

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May 2017

The Best VoIP Feature For Your Business-Part 1

VoIP for business is all the rage right now with vendors touting incredible features like integration, voicemail to email, mobile apps and the list goes on. But how do you decode all the clutter and actually use VoIP to REALLY propel your bottom line forward? We’ve been consulting with our customers on this very topic for years and without a doubt find the most productive,...

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