Jan 2018

Truly a great story, thank you.

When our previous local VOIP company opted out of the VOIP portion of their business, we were referred to IS-Talk. We wanted to use another local company and IS-Talk was a perfect choice for our small office. Our representative listened to all of our needs and our expressed desire for a painless transition and to keep our costs at or below our current plan. From...

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Dec 2017

Still Paying for Phone Lines?

Still paying a phone bill for “Phone Lines”? If you are then most likely you are paying too much. Our IS-TALK Cloud telephone system uses VoIP technology to get rid of those lines and provide unlimited call capability! Most companies that move to our IS-Talk Cloud System save 20%-40%. Call me today to receive a no obligation quote and see the savings for yourself.


Oct 2017

Disaster Recovery Plans

We’ve all seen the devastation the hurricanes have wrought in Florida and Texas and our hearts go out to everyone affected. Power and consequently phone service was disrupted on a grand scale. On a positive note, IS-Talk stayed up and uninterrupted throughout all of the storms. IS-Talk is a built in Disaster Recovery system for your business. By utilizing the Internet for communicating you are...

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Jul 2017

Unchain your phone

Get out there and make some money! Unchain your office extension from your desk and watch productivity rise. Our mobile communicator app frees you to do business anywhere at any time you choose. Why go mobile? Never miss a call or have a call go to voicemail (unless you want it to) Easily extend office hours to catch more sales inquiries Work from absolutely anywhere...

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Oct 2014

Google Docs: Online productivity with a Drive.   Collaborative working is something that many businesses depend on to tackle daily tasks. Used to, workers would have to send completed pieces to co-workers for inspection and await the file’s return so that they could continue working and complete the task, which would then be sent to another individual. Those days are long gone, and with recent...

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