Hosted VoIP Phones

Small and medium sized businesses face a multitude of challenges competing in today’s economic climate.

In the past the only way to deploy communications was to first obtain telephone service from a local company like AT&T or one of their few competitors. Now business telephone systems like VoIP telephone systems, remote phones, key systems, fax to email, paging systems, telecommuting, hosted telephone systems and cloud telephone systems like cloud pbx give your company the advantage it needs in communication technology.




Hosted/Cloud based telephone systems are becoming the trend of both small and large businesses. The low startup cost and flexibility have proven to be a major factor in providing a significant increase in services while lowering the overall cost of ownership.


Regardless of what happens at your company location (power outage/storm damage/ fire etc.), calls are still able to be processed and can be routed to new locations. Phones can also be taken home or to any location with high speed internet, allowing a company to still function properly away from their physical location.


Work from any location with a high speed internet connection. This flexibility allows companies to connect locations for better customer service and cost effectiveness. Our customers have taken 50% to 90% of their staff and allowed them to work from home, thus decreasing their office space and cost.


A hosted/cloud service allows a business to set and control costs. There are no hidden fees caused by repairs or upgrades along with no maintenance contracts or annual license renewals. The price of this service is the same amount or less than a traditional line service and system purchase.