Structured Cabling

We design and build flexible cabling infrastructures.

Most businesses have no idea how important structured cabling is to the performance of their network. That’s why we’re here! CAT5, CAT6, and Fiber are the fundamental infrastructure of every business’ communication and network systems. Your business spends thousands of dollars on computers, phones, printers and servers, but when you hook them together often times things don’t work as smooth or fast as you hoped. This may be a result of substandard cabling. IS Technologies knows cable, and we design and install complete structured cable networks using only top-rated products.



Having proper data wiring that can handle the performance of computers and networks today is imperative. Put new machines on old wiring can cut down on the total network performance.


By having a clean, organized, and labeled wiring deployment, cost can be reduced by making installation of device plug and play.


Wiring infrastructures should be designed to plan for today’s needs as well as future needs of the network.


Using professional installers assures building codes are met. Permits are pulled so that you the client are protected. Also, because of special tools and tricks of the trade, installation is much less disruptive to you business.