VoIP Phones

In the communications world VoIP telephone systems are the latest technology and there is no doubt it is the future of the communications industry.


IS Technologies in Birmingham partners with manufactures that provide top-rated, award-winning products and solutions in this new technology. Our experience enables us to help you make the best choice when considering if a VoIP telephone system is right for your business.


Latest Technology

VoIP has finally reached a point that it is without a doubt the future of telecommunications, as we know it. Every major PBX manufacture has shifted its entire PBX offerings to include or be exclusive to the VoIP technology.

Remote Extensions

Employees can plug in a compatible IP- Phone at home to their high speed internet connection and the extension will act as if it were in the same building. This is great for lower office space required or keeping that critical employee whose spouse just got transferred and they have to move.

Branch Offices

Company branch locations can be added to an existing system or connected to each other through an internet connection or WAN (Wide Area Network). Thus allowing them to share resources such a single employee to answer incoming calls for multiple locations, and telephone carrier lines to mention a few.

Easy to Move Phones

Gone are the days when a simple phone move needs to have cross connects changed and a phone technician making a billable service call.